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Faculty is the fulcrum of an educational institute and Apeejay Schools have an uncompromising attitude towards selection and retention of teachers. Our repository of teachers is made of sensitive and efficient teachers. They are critical thinkers, leaders in their subjects and exceptional human beings with extraordinary academic record. They are well informed with new methodologies and are equally rooted in traditional knowledge seeking techniques.

Teachers for the preparatory and the junior school are selected on the basis of character traits - a sensitive heart, a calm mind and an expanded outlook towards students. Apart from being trained, they are expected to have a sincere feeling towards young people. We will have post graduate trained teachers for our middle and senior school sections.



Rita Chatterjee M.A., B.Ed, PhD Principal   Principal
Nishi Jaidka B.A,B.Ed Asstt. Teacher I Telekids newspaper coordinator, Home science club in-charge
Sushmita Singha B.Sc, M. A. B. Ed Asstt. Teacher   Examination-in-charge, Substitution, store and printing in-charge, Science Club, Examination Committee< promotion Committee
Harjeet Kaur B.A,B.Ed Asstt. Teacher   Nritya shaili Club
Ranu Datta B.Sc, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher X Science Club, Canteen committee
Baljit Arora B.A,B.Ed Asstt. Teacher   Coordinator(III-V), Guides & Bulbul In-charge,  Foreign Language Club, Discipline committee, Canteen Committee
Suvra Mukhopadhyay B. Sc., B. Ed Asstt. Teacher X Science Club, Examination committee member
Jayashree Mitra B. Sc., B. Ed Asstt. Teacher VIII Books-in-charge, Vivekdisha and Technokit in-charge, Explorer Club, Examination committee member
Suparna Chakraborty M.A, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher   HOD Bengali, Theatrewala (B)
Jhulan Ghosh Sen M.Sc, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher   Gyan Jyoti 
Sunil Kr. Upadhyay M. Com, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher XII School Coordinato (XI-XII)r, Bus in-charge, Health and Wellness in-charge, Promotion Committee, Discipline Committee, 
Swati Das M.Sc, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher XII HOD Economics, Ganit Veda Club
Paromita Guha M.Sc, B. Ed Vice-Principal   Timetable formulation, Duty assignments, Scheduling of Examination, Preparation of school diary, Condemnation committee, Promotion committee, Discipline Committee, Sexual Harassment committee,  Redressal Committee
Rekha Maitra B. Sc. (Dance)  Asstt. Teacher   Nritya Shaili Club
Subashis Kundu M.Sc, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher XII HOD Mathematics, Promotion committee , Chess Club
Manti Bhattacharya B.A, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher II Coordinator (I-II), Explorers Club, 
Bhaswati Piplai B.Sc, B. Ed Asstt. Teacher V SOF& Technokit Coordinator, Ganit Chetana Club, Prize in-charge

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