Recent  Initiatives

Students who top AISSCE Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are given cash awards of Rs 50,000 each.The following awards have been instituted:

  • Surrendra Paul Scholarship Award - For achievements in Science
  • Jit Paul Scholarship Award - For achievements in Commerce
  • Anand Paul Scholarship Award – For achievements in Humanities.

Initiated by Mr Karan Paul, Chairman of Apeejay Surrendra Group and Managing Trustee who oversees the operations as well as management of Apeejay Schools and Mrs Shirin Paul, Chairperson Emeritus of Apeejay Surrendra Group, who chairs the School Management Committee with an aim to recognize academic results of students, they are also meant to encourage our students to pursue excellence in post school life.

Apeejay School awards scholarships to AISSCE 2016 toppers Apeejay School, for the first time, awarded scholarships to its AISSCE toppers of Science, Commerce and Humanities stream during its Annual Concert-cum-Prize Distribution Ceremony 2016-17, held today at Rabindra Sadan auditorium. The scholarship amount of Rs. 50000 to each of the toppers of the three disciplines were given out by Chief Guest Sri Sugata Marjit, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Calcutta University; Ex-Chairman of West Bengal Higher Education Council and RBI Chair Professor of Industrial Economics. The awards were instituted from academic year 2016-17 at the behest of our Chairman of the Apeejay Group, Mr. Karan Paul and Chairperson Emeritus, Mrs. Shirin Paul as this would be a good measure to encourage the next line of students.

Shubhraneel Saha and Aupamik Chakraborty (Park Street) and Ishani Ghosh (Salt Lake) got Surrendra Paul Scholarship Award, which was given for the Science stream. Ashutosh Sirohia (Park Street) and Srishti Jaiswal (Salt Lake) were given the Jit Paul Scholarship Award for Commerce and Gursimran Kaur Mangat and Somok Roy (Park Street) got the Anand Paul Scholarship Award for Humanities. From the Park Street school, Somok Roy and Gursimran Kaur Mangat both scored 96% from the Humanities stream, while Ashutosh Sirohia from Commerce stream scored 96% and Subhraneel Saha and Aupamik Chakraborty scored 96% from Science stream. From the Salt Lake school, Ishani Ghosh scored 96.2 % from Science stream while Srishti Jaiswal scored 93.8% from Commerce stream

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS are an essential area of school dynamism where the parents and the teachers interact to know the child better by mutually discussing various issues that need attention in everyday life

PARENT CONTACT DAY Every Friday parents are expected to visit their ward's class or any other class that they wish to and this enhances confidence in the school that they have put their child into. As an extension of parent contact programme, we invite parents to be a part of the School Assembly and ultimately the school system becomes transparent to the parents.

OPEN HOUSE These weeks for parents is an interesting activity where they observe the teaching patterns and also the perceptiveness of the same in the students

PARENT BUDDY SYSTEM It has worked out very well for the school. The parents (non-working) mothers are complimented for their PEDAGOGIC SKILLS and are given a chance to teach. The system motivates and boots their confidence

PARENTS INTERFACE WITH SCHOOL Interaction of School with parents through different modes like open house system, orientation programmes, parent buddy system and scheduled parent teacher meeting are encouraged both in a formal and informal method, implementation of School activities and annual curriculum plan.

PEER EDUCATOR SYSTEM April is a time for the corrections of the Board papers and the schools necessarily extends help to the CBSE board by allowing deputed teachers to leave as examiners for the purpose. It is the beginning of the session and a lot of activities are on in the school. Yet the school continues the normal schools with the help of PEER EDUCATOR SYSTEM calling upon the ex- students to be mentors and facilitators till the teacher resumes duty. It boosts the confidence of the students who brush up their knowledge for future growth and makes them realise the worth of teachers in being capable of maintaining discipline and transacting knowledge.

WAVES OF CHANGE The CBSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), has introduced the 'National School Sanitation Initiative' with the aim to inculcate good sanitation habits among the school children in order to acquaint, inspire and celebrate excellence towards School Sanitation at the national level. Since a long time it was being felt that a massive activity oriented awareness generation and internalisation of the new vistas in education in India is needed and hence in this perspective the "Waves of Change (WoC)" program has been conceptualised. Waves of Change Programme aims at making the nation aware of the quality and the kind of educational & institutional reforms as well as the entire gamut of educational initiatives taken up by CBSE. It gives an impetus to the all round development of the school children by making them aware of the changing aspects of education and new employment and entrepreneurship vistas. WOC highlights “ The Education Beyond Books” and celebrates excellence through scholastic and co- scholastic learning's andshaping of the life skills. Our School has a yellow rating meaning our initiatives and steps for implementation of sanitation are “fair”.

GREEN POLICE Our school work very close with the administration in West Bengal.Both the Park Street and Bidhannagar police station has been kind in deputing Green Police to aid the traffic awareness system during the school hours

INTERACTION WITH ALUMNI The schoolinteracts with its alumni regularly. The school maintains an alumni directory and a blueprint of all the communications becomes part of the school system. They are active in helping the school in organising various events and also from time to time hold orientation workshops for our present students for career related issues.

WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERS/STUDENTS International institutions in the city like British Council,Goethe Institute and USIS extends its support to the school and organises workshops and training programmes for the faculty and the students.

SUKANYA PROJECT Apeejay Schools, Kolkata have taken measures to empower the girl child in the face of existing violence and danger that a girl may have to face. Sukanya Project, a self defense training for girls, has been initiated in our school from November 2015. As per the CBSE directive, girls from classes 8 to 11 are trained by in the art of self defense. It is a routine programme that is taken earnestly by the school and its candidates.
Sukanya Project falls under the well intentioned programme for girls undertaken by West Bengal Government. Personnel from Kolkata Police visit the school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and the session of rigorous training lasts for one hour in the morning or afternoon in accordance to the timetable. The outcome of the training is already evident in the enthusiasm of the girls who with broad smiles and eager visages, in their smart uniforms of blue track pants and white T-shirts, troop down to the basement where the programme is held.
Security and protection form the basis of wellbeing and happiness, which is the birth right of every citizen and that has become scarce in the modern day society. Girls are most affected and hence this is one way by which Apeejay School wishes to restore the balance.

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