ClassWalk  Inspire Teachers

Given the growing importance of technology, the School’s Information Technology team is a strategic partner of the school's faculty towards increasing student readiness and technology preparedness.

ClassWalk is a platform designed in 2014 with input from teachers that enables the educational community to leverage the power of the internet. Its goal is -Inspire Teachers. Inform Parents. Celebrate Children.

Through this system, the school maintains a Comprehensive class calendar with detailed information for individual classes encouraging teamwork and collaboration among students.

ClassWalk runs on the Google Cloud and is seamlessly integrated with email, calendar, documents and other collaboration tools of Google. It fully engages students and parents as part of the learning community and eliminates tedious time consuming tasks.

ClassWalk enables the school’s Information Technology team to become strategic partners with the school's teaching staff to increase student readiness and technology preparedness. The software is managed for Apeejay Schools by ENZgroup.

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