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Art learning experiences play a vital role in developing students' capabilities for critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation. These capacities are increasingly recognised as core skills and competencies all students need as a part of a high-quality and complete 21st century education. The idea of creative art involves all the elements of commonly known art forms visual ,dance, drama, drawing and painting, modelling and sculpture, or construction work, pottery and ceramic work. This club helps the children to develop a positive concept of life.

Junior and senior art clubs give platforms to young minds to create something new every week. Their enthusiasm and creativity is at its peak when they are engrossed in their activity. Art club children make pen stand, wall hanging, calendar, mask, flower vase, albums, jewellery boxes, bags, toys, etc. Last year art club students did a remarkable work, they painted a big outside wall painting with the topics of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Some objectives of art education are

To help the students to use artistic and aesthetic sensibility in day to day life situations.
To develop creative expression through locally available material with the help of community.
To use traditional fine art skills as well as technology skills.
To work as a team and various role and create meaningful project of value to them and their community.

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