Examination Promotions

Classes LKG and UKG

There are no examinations at this stage as there is no formal education in the Lower KG & Upper KG sections.

Classes I and II

A system of regular grading has been introduced for classes I and II. These grades are based on a series of assignments in the form of Skill and Knowledge/aural; written work in class. These are tabulated together to give a record of achievement at the end of each term. The aggregate of the two terminal report cards is considered for promotion at the end of the Academic Year. Since all class works are graded test, it is imperative that a student is regular in his / her attendance.

Classes  III to IX

  • Periodic Assessment (10 Marks)
    There will be two periodic tests brought down to 10.
  • Notebook Submission (5 Marks)
    Note book submission as part of internal assessment is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom as well as assignments given . ( 5 marks)
  • Subject Enrichment Activities  (5 Marks )
    There are subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill developments.

    Language             -    Speaking and listening skill
    Science                 -   Practical Lab Work
    Mathematics       -   Maths Lab Practical
    Social Science      -   Map Work and Project 

Term – II
The same procedure will be repeated in the second term.
The Important examinations in the year for Classes 

Term I

  • PT-I + PT-II brought down to PT (10)
  • PT (10) + Note Bk (5) + Enrichment (5) + Half Yearly Exam (80) = 100

Term II

  • PT-I + PT-II brought down to PT (10)
  • PT (10) + Note  Bk (5) + Enrichment (5) + Annual Exam (80) = 100

Class  X

  • Two Periodic Tests per subject of 20 marks each  brought down to 10 – P1
  • Half Yearly Examination – 80 marks brought down to 10 P2
  • One Periodic Tests of 20 matks brought down to 10 – P3
  • Best of P1, P2 P3 to considered for final assessment and average  to 10 – P
    • Selection Examination – 80 marks
    • Note Book Submission – 5 marks                              As described above .
    • Subject Enrichment Activities – 5 marks

  • Classes XI
    There are two important examinations in the year for Class XI
    a) Half Yearly Examination (September)
    b) Final Examination (March)

    Classes XII

    There are three important examinations in the year for Class XII

a) Half Yearly Examination (August)
b) Pre Selection Examination (November)
c) Selection Examination (January)

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