Recent  Initiatives

Students who top AISSCE Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are given cash awards of Rs 50,000 each.The following awards have been instituted:

  • Surrendra Paul Scholarship Award - For achievements in Science
  • Jit Paul Scholarship Award - For achievements in Commerce
  • Anand Paul Scholarship Award – For achievements in Humanities.

Initiated by Mr Karan Paul, Chairman of Apeejay Surrendra Group and Managing Trustee who oversees the operations as well as management of Apeejay Schools and Mrs Shirin Paul, Chairperson Emeritus of Apeejay Surrendra Group, who chairs the School Management Committee with an aim to recognize academic results of students, they are also meant to encourage our students to pursue excellence in post school life.

Apeejay School awards scholarships to AISSCE 2019 toppers Apeejay School, for the fourth time, awarded scholarships to its AISSCE toppers of Science, Commerce and Humanities stream during its Annual Concert-cum-Prize Distribution Ceremony 2019-20, held at Rabindra Sadan auditorium on 28th August 2019. The scholarship amount of Rs. 50001/- to each of the toppers of the three disciplines were given out by Chief Guest, Mr. Debanjan Chakrabarti, Director, East and North-East India,  British Council. The awards were instituted from academic year 2018-19 at the behest of our Chairman of the Apeejay Group, Mr. Karan Paul and Chairperson Emeritus, Mrs. Shirin Paul as this would be a good measure to encourage the next line of students. 

Amanullah Asad got Surrendra Paul Scholarship Award, which was given for the Science stream. Ayush Parasramka was given the Jit Paul Scholarship Award for Commerce and Aparajita Roy got the Anand Paul Scholarship Award for Humanities. Aparajita Roy scored 92% from the Humanities stream, while Ayush Parasramka from Commerce stream scored 94.2% and Amanullah Asad scored 95.4% from Science stream.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence - Stepping with times is the motto of the school, so ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been incorporated in the syllabi, as in this era Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a force to contend. We in Apeejay Schools care for the present and the future of our children, and to crystallise our vision and mission, we constantly endeavour to upgrade and change that we believe is the path for discovery

SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action)
Support the growth of students in a holistic manner to prepare them for a responsible and committed social life.
Empower those under our charge with skills, ethics, and values that will shape them into consummate human beings.
Wellbeing ensured by educating them to work in the physical, mental and emotional plane though multifarious activities that will boost the sense of worth of themselves and others in the society.
Aim to instil a strong sense of action for the good of the community wherein our students emerge as individuals independent and interdependent.

Apeejay School through many academic years has been following the activities, likened to SEWA, with the aim to develop a whole person in their intellectual, personal, social, and emotional growth. Learners engaged in this programme are expected to be life-long seekers and through experiential learning develop as active citizens, and, caring and compassionate humans. Interact activities, with visits to old age homes and orphanages, social service activities such as spreading awareness against use of plastics, maintaining cleanliness in school and in adjoining areas, Girls Guide club distributing dust bins to local vendors, undertaking Go- green awareness walk in tandem with Interact club, Nature club planting trees in pots to promote green environment, Each one Teach One programme conducting academic and non academic classes after school, for the economically and socially challenged children, the regular members of Apeejay Anand Children’s Library; Project Citizen Club, sensitising about consumer rights. Besides distribution of books and clothes, blankets to underprivileged children frequenting our school regularly and other needy members of the society, and, partnering with KMCP School have been some of the outreach activities undertaken on a regular basis.

Social Service takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom and sometimes even beyond the boundaries of the school, building bridges with the authentic and real world in meaningful and positive ways. The adoption of a village named Purandil in Shantiniketan, Birbhhum District of West Bengal is one example, which Apeejay School, Park Street, has embarked on with an earnest sense of responsibility. Here, customary visits to the village by students ranging from classes 7 to 12 accompanied by teachers, is a usual occurrence. Active interaction with villagers and beautification of village homes, tutoring on cleanliness practices have helped is establishing a healthy and a friendly relationship between the villagers and Apeejay family. This paved way for opening of a library, and donating books in the vernacular for the children of the village, building a tube well with governmental permission, where in a large amount was donated to make the mission successful. This project remains a continuous programme.

Therefore, the school fosters amicable relation to develop in between teachers ,students and all other staff of Apeejat school community; hence to address instances of minor or major strife and conflict related to bullying, an anti-bullying committee has been formed functioning in all classes under the guidance of an umbrella body comprising students and teachers to ensure a happy and peaceful ambience in school, through pro active and amicable discussions. Also noteworthy is the fact that ours is an inclusive school that encourages differently abled children to comingle with the regular ones and involve them in different activities in school. These children are special to us and are dealt with love and affection.

All students of classes IX to XII are expected to participate in socially committed programme around the year to achieve the main objective of directing children’s mind in constructive activities with positive outcomes through creative and critical thinking. With the inclusion of all activities described above they take whole hearted responsibility of organising the Art Mela always conducted on 26th February, in a very big way at Apeejay House grounds. They duties range from assisting in framing invitation letters to distribution of these to various NGOs; from collecting donations from all class children to supervising and distributing colours, T-shirts or umbrellas for painting to thousands of children assembled in The ground; escorting the judges and managing the little kids alongside their teachers who are ever present in the entire process till the end. This has augmented self-confidence and self-esteem of our children and a sense of camaraderie with the visitors from other schools and NGOs.

Another objective of the social service programme has been to bring out the interdependence of all human beings and our dependence on the environment in this shrinking global village. Examples illustrated make it indeed evident that we have been working in the lines of CBSE guiding principles. To boot it can be added that performing arts therapy through Theatre and Dance has quite successfully affected a harmony of body and mind. Despite art forms being different the children benefit by learning co-ordination skills, team work, creative co-operation, original thinking and imagination, and, the therapy acts as stress busters and anti-depressant.

Hence social empowerment is all about social or community service; that can include environmental, civic-responsibilities or democracy or health and fitness related projects. Here it is pertinent to speak of Yoga classes, Sukanya project promoting self defence, karate and sporting activities both indoors and outdoors such as chess, carom, basket ball, Table Tennis, Judo, , Volley ball, kick boxing, cricket, football d Roller skating to name a few that are an integrated into the school curriculum. With no less pride can we announce that our children have excelled in different sports winning gold, silver and bronze medal in Interschool, sate level and national level.

The concept of service to the community has been upheld by Apeejay School, Park Street religiously as a policy.

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS are an essential area of school dynamism where the parents and the teachers interact to know the child better by mutually discussing various issues that need attention in everyday life

PARENT CONTACT DAY Every Friday parents are expected to visit their ward's class or any other class that they wish to and this enhances confidence in the school that they have put their child into. As an extension of parent contact programme, we invite parents to be a part of the School Assembly and ultimately the school system becomes transparent to the parents.

OPEN HOUSE These weeks for parents is an interesting activity where they observe the teaching patterns and also the perceptiveness of the same in the students

PARENT BUDDY SYSTEM It has worked out very well for the school. The parents (non-working) mothers are complimented for their PEDAGOGIC SKILLS and are given a chance to teach. The system motivates and boots their confidence

PARENTS INTERFACE WITH SCHOOL Interaction of School with parents through different modes like open house system, orientation programmes, parent buddy system and scheduled parent teacher meeting are encouraged both in a formal and informal method, implementation of School activities and annual curriculum plan.

PEER EDUCATOR SYSTEM April is a time for the corrections of the Board papers and the schools necessarily extends help to the CBSE board by allowing deputed teachers to leave as examiners for the purpose. It is the beginning of the session and a lot of activities are on in the school. Yet the school continues the normal schools with the help of PEER EDUCATOR SYSTEM calling upon the ex- students to be mentors and facilitators till the teacher resumes duty. It boosts the confidence of the students who brush up their knowledge for future growth and makes them realise the worth of teachers in being capable of maintaining discipline and transacting knowledge.

Adopt a Village Programme - Apeejay School, Park Street initiated “Adopt a Village Programme” in the year 2014 and is an ongoing project by Apeejay Schools , Park Street, Kolkata in lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. It is community outreach rural participatory programme of the students of the schools focusing upon the social, cultural mobilisation and development of the small hamlet named Purandhil a village in Dwaranda , Birbhum district of West Bengal. In November 2016 we have accomplished to give Purandil and its people water facilities, library facilities and education for the children of Purandhil.

Class Library - We have class libraries which keep the children occupied when they have some free time. The class library also has study books to help the children who do not bring their books to school. This helps reduce the weight of the bag and problems faced by children in class.

Weighing machines have been given to each class so that each school bag may be weighed to keep a check on its weight apart from regular inspection of the books.

Therapeutic use of dance movements - This has proved a great help specially for children with special needs and for children coming from under privilege section of the society. There are many advantages from dance, our physical and mental development and concentration increases. Mind becomes calm, cheerful and healthy with the practice of dance.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence - Keeping pace with CBSE's initiative, to incorporate new-age technology lessons and other digital skills in the curriculum, Apeejay School, Park Street has introduced Artificial Intelligence as a Skill subject in Classes VIII and IX. This machine learning aims at enhancing teachng -learning engagements both for students and teachers.

From Passive Screen time to Active Field time - - "The Fit India Movement" as inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi aims to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. Physical activity and exercises have immediate and long-term health benefits. It not only improves our health but also reduces the risk of developing several diseases but also improves our quality of life.

Keeping this in mind, Apeejay School, Park Street ,Kolkata 700016 celebrated a two week long programme from 11th of November 2019 till 23rd November 2019. Various activities and events like Dance workshop, Gardening, Fitness Quiz, Poster Making and Healthy Breakfast Workshop were planned for the students of classes LKG – XII in an attempt to alter Passive Screen Time to Active Field Time.

INTERACTION WITH ALUMNI The schoolinteracts with its alumni regularly. The school maintains an alumni directory and a blueprint of all the communications becomes part of the school system. They are active in helping the school in organising various events and also from time to time hold orientation workshops for our present students for career related issues.

WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERS/STUDENTS International institutions in the city like British Council,Goethe Institute and USIS extends its support to the school and organises workshops and training programmes for the faculty and the students.

SUKANYA PROJECT Apeejay Schools, Kolkata have taken measures to empower the girl child in the face of existing violence and danger that a girl may have to face. Sukanya Project, a self defense training for girls, has been initiated in our school from November 2015. As per the CBSE directive, girls from classes 8 to 11 are trained by in the art of self defense. It is a routine programme that is taken earnestly by the school and its candidates.

Sukanya Project falls under the well intentioned programme for girls undertaken by West Bengal Government. Personnel from Kolkata Police visit the school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and the session of rigorous training lasts for one hour in the morning or afternoon in accordance to the timetable. The outcome of the training is already evident in the enthusiasm of the girls who with broad smiles and eager visages, in their smart uniforms of blue track pants and white T-shirts, troop down to the basement where the programme is held.

Security and protection form the basis of wellbeing and happiness, which is the birth right of every citizen and that has become scarce in the modern day society. Girls are most affected and hence this is one way by which Apeejay School wishes to restore the balance.

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