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Society has never seen as much dissonance as we see today. Ethics and Integrity, the two key values that must be foundational to character building, are qualities that are becoming rare in every strata of life. Adults are at loggerheads and acrimonious debates fail to generate respect for different opinions.

The Integrity Club in Apeejay Schools, Kolkata has been dedicated to the cause of educating the students of the KMCP School. Apart from providing lessons in Social Sciences, Arithmetic, Reading and Basic English, the students are also imparted lessons in life skills and moral and aesthetic values. We at the Integrity Club are committed towards establishing individuals with a solid integrity and our efforts in this regard have only become more diverse in the past few years. Not only do our students visit their school but the KMCP students also visit our school campus on a regular basis to undertake the lessons in computer education, sports, dance and art which are provided by our highly qualified teaching staff.

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