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The Apeejay Anand Children’s Libraries are a unique Education Support Program that also helps Apeejay Education Trust under which Apeejay Schools are run to identify and sponsor education of talented children from underprivileged backgrounds.

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Children and their smiles lift our spirit.  Our heart rejoices at a mere flash of sparkling eyes and beatific smile of a child. Such is the magical power they carry in their little body!

Apeejay Anand children's Library, an integral part of Apeejay Schools, Kolkata deals with such treasure on a daily basis.  The children visiting the Apeejay Anand children's Library are from the adjoining slums of Park Street and Park circus and fall under the category of socially, economically and culturally challenged in the lingo of the adult. These children have like any other dreams, desires, potentials, talents, intelligence and goodness that categorize any child. Hence the portals of Apeejay Anand children's Library are always open to welcome them and embrace them into the Apeejay family fold.

Apeejay Anand children's Library is a space to create experiment and grow amidst a plethora of books. The library space has become the centre for various activities; it vibrates with life. The Library children are exposed to a vibrant atmosphere of Each One Teach One, workshops on different issues, Celebrations, visits to interesting sights, games and cultural pursuits.

Monday to Saturday see the children busy with study under the guidance of the senior students of class 10, learning to read, write, practice arithmetic, enhance life skills, social skills, and the like. Inter-personal skill plays a strong role in the development of amicable bond between the library children and the regular school children. The love that grows between these children is exemplary and appreciable. The children are further engaged in music, art, dance, sports, theatre and computers. These activities tap into their innate talents, hone it to perfection, and empower them with confidence to perform, take pride in their achievement, feel joy of pursuit, and fill them with a sense of fulfillment. In fact quite a few children have grown to be young women and men working and thus contributing to the society.

Apeejay School has extended support to these kids in their endeavour to succeed in life. Education is instrumental in bringing about a life changing vision. Every year a child with potential is identified and given free education with regular students. This inclusion and according equal status to the child goes a long way in creating harmony and solidarity.

The year 2020, the year of pandemic brought on by Covid 19 virus, lock down that brought almost all activities to halt had affected educational institutes too. A new normal emerged gradually as people took to the digital platform to perform various tasks. The children of Apeejay Anand children's Library were but fazed only temporarily and soon sprang back to participate in activities galore.

Academic and co curricular activities were addressed with equal emphasis. . The teachers sent tutorial videos on English, Bengali, Hindi, Art, Dance, Music, Yoga and Bratachari for the children. These videos were heard and viewed avidly to learn and practice and to uplift. Economic backlash could not act as a detriment in this case; computers or net some of these children might not have, but they have a will to learn and so a solution was found. Regular assignments were given and follow up tasks too were assigned. Those with the facility took full advantage of it.

Theatre is an effective tool for learning. Hence, a whatsApp group named "My awesome theatre babies" was created  during the pandemic. The children of Appejay Anand Children's Library from both Salt Lake and Park Street joined the group. Tasks based on life skills and essential values were assigned. The children with great enthusiasm performed on the topics provided, recorded their enactment and sent the videos. Some noteworthy topics are:

  • Make your own five line story and act it out on the topic "A beautiful day"
  • Go to your favourite space inside your house and act out a play on your memories about that space.15th June, 2020 .Act out a three minutes long video on your favourite memory. h
  • Describe yourselves by acting out your own play.
  • Act out your favourite moments during lockdown.

The Library children participated in Celebrations such as Rabindra Jayanti, Durga Puja. The virus had not discriminated between the rich and the poor, technology does not differentiate either, and hence the celebration was conducted online. The children contributed through their dances and songs, sung to celebrate the occasion which then were incorporated in the master video showcasing the performances of school children too.
World Yoga Day Celebration, Winter Warmth 2020, Republic Day celebrations are observed by one and all. These little children of the library too participated with a gusto not seen in many other children. They sent videos of them doing yoga poses with precision, sang Christmas carols with verve and these again found place in the master video shown to all school children.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Birth Anniversary Celebration, Swami Vivekananda's Birth Anniversary Celebration also saw participation of the library kids. This time they wrote about the two great personalities and send them in the form of video clips. Republic Day was celebrated with a patriotic fervor. The children sang patriotic songs that were once again sent to be merged with the performances of the school children in the school video. They even painted the Indian flag in the confines of their home.

Story Telling is an interesting performing art form that has immense value as a medium for disseminating ideas and knowledge. And, which child does not enjoy a story telling session! With these factors in mind regular classes are held where stories are read aloud, group discussion follow, links of free websites meant for story book reading provided and children encouraged to share the story they have read in the group meetings.  This offers a wonderful platform to innovate, imagine and express; gives the children the wonderful opportunity to blossom as individuals.

Children will always be children irrespective of social discrimination, economic barrier or cultural divide.

A year may end but life continues and events only multiply. Therefore, the year 2021 will see the children of Apeejay Anand Children's Library exploring greater avenues of learning and activity.

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