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Spanish is a major world language that has gifted the world a rich repository of literature and ideas.

The Spanish Club functions every Friday at Apeejay School Park Street. Spanish teacher Mr Dey conducts the club with his team of 28 students. Children from classes V to X are enrolled and participate whole heartedly in the weekly sessions. The students learn the basic concepts of Spanish grammar, sentence construction and numbers. Audio-visual aids are used in order to make the club more interesting. Peer-interaction is also encouraged. Poetry and recitation is highly appreciated and the children enjoy reading Spanish passages.

Children from classes V to X participate in the teaching - learning session. Presently 28 students from classes V to X enrolled themselves and are very eager to learn new words and phrases in Spanish. The instructor makes the class interesting by introducing new methods of teaching like playing cards and games, audio session and many more effective ways to make the Spanish club informative and interactive.

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